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GoPano One-Shot Panoramic Optic

GoPano is an optic for capturing seamless 360-degree panoramic images in an instant. Attach it to your digital camera and you can create snapshot panoramas. Hook it up to your video camera to capture all the action around you. Share your creations with others to give an interactive experience.

How It Works
GoPano uses a specially curved mirror. Its shape gathers light from all directions and reflects it into the lens of your camera. This single image shows everything in a 360º ring around the optic. On your computer, this warped image is transformed — or unwarped — into an interactive scene where anyone can control the view.

The Mirror
GoPano's unique, full 360 perspective is achieved not with a complicated series of lenses, but with a single, remarkable mirror. GoPano's mirror is specifically shaped to deliver a wide field of view with great detail. Our patented design tailors the mirror to remove the unneeded reflection of the camera, and expand the useful reflection area near the horizon. The result: Higher quality pictures. The mirror is made with the most precise machining technology available a process used for high-end telescopes. With single-point diamond turning, each optical glass mirror is crafted to an exact shape, down to the micron. A thin film of aluminum is then deposited on the polished glass surface, protected by a hard coating of silicon dioxide essentially a thin layer of glass. Each mirror is inspected to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

The Housing
The main housing and the mirror post are machined from aluminum. The center stage, like the optic, is made of glass to ensure the best optical quality and scratch resistance. The housing is covered with a rubber grip that makes the optic more comfortable to hold, and further protects the optic from lateral impacts.To protect the camera's sensor from bright sunlight and to reduce glare, a shade covers the top of the mirror to block back lighting. The shade is made from an impact resistant plastic to protect the mirror.At the base, a standard 67mm photographic filter thread is easily adapted to fit most digital cameras, SLR lenses, and camcorders.

To protect the optic when it's not in use, we provide an impact resistant plastic hard case with every GoPano. Its clamshell design lets you snap it over the lens with a camera still attached, keeping dust and debris at bay. Still, accidents do happen. The entire optic is user serviceable, with no tools required. Should something go wrong, we can send you the replacement parts you need. You can replace the damaged parts and get back to shooting in minutes.

The Works
GoPano is more than just an optic. The software you use with it is just as important as the mirror in making panoramas. So we provide a choice of EyeSee360 PhotoWarp or VideoWarp Creator software with every optic. Contact Kaidan directly for more information about VideoWarp software. Whether you're shooting 360º stills, panoramic videos, or both, we've got you covered.

Step Rings can adapt any camera or lens with a filter thread to connect directly to the optic. These inexpensive parts are often all you'll need to get going. When step rings alone won't do, the Kaidan SLR Bracket gives you the tremendous flexibility to attach your camera or camcorder. The bracket allows you to adjust the distance between the camera and the optic. By holding the camera and optic independently, the kit also solves the "back-drive" issue common with SLR lenses when directly attaching the optic. Note: GoPano is manufactured and warranted by EyeSee360, Inc.

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