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VR2020™ Partners with Flick Software to develop a Hand-Held Virtual Reality Experience

26-Jun-2008 –London, England – VR2020™, the worlds most feature rich and user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) Tour software platform today announced the expansion of its partnership with Flick Software developers of the mobile interactive guide.

The partnership will bring the power of any VR Tours created with the VR2020™ platform onto the handheld environment. Dynamic Virtual Tours with the potential of using GPS and WiFi opens a new dimension of powerful marketing opportunities for all business involved in tourism, conferencing, exhibitions and education sectors. “VR2020™ is an exceptionally powerful Virtual Tour builder application requiring no coding or programming skills whatsoever allowing the client to effortlessly create, manage, update and publish their own dynamic state of the art virtual tour”, said Jason Flick, president of Flick Software. “VR2020™ is all about the managing, delivery and interacting of digital information and it also addresses ‘green’ issues which, fits in with our commitment to provide technology solutions designed to be simpler to own, implement and use.”

VR tours created with the VR2020™ platform are in a category all by themselves, they are rich interactive tours, not just virtual tours. Users can stroll through a property or city and control and survey their area of interest interacting and viewing, hearing, communicating, gathering of information and even printing documents or sections of the tour that is unique and relevant to them. Thus giving the user a true sense of control. “It’s what the internet is really all about, placing control of the user experience in the hands of the user.” said Salvatore Cardu, founder and CEO of VR2020™

By utilizing three different types of interactive mapping solutions ranging from custom floor-plans, Google™ maps or their proprietary PlanCreator™ VR2020™ gives buyers a true sense of place relative to other locations, streets, establishments and rooms. VR2020™ is an active marketing tool with a CRM facilities and assists in people’s reservation, buying or shopping experience bridging the gap between consumer and product.

The ability to display the powerful features of the VR2020™ virtual tours on a handheld opens up a huge inventory of benefits for both VR2020™ and Flick Software clients.

VR2020™ is the leading provider of Virtual Tour software enabling anyone to manage, create and update in real-time their own VR Tours without the need of programming or coding skills. With over 40 different built in features that enable the client to convert and deliver files and data both on-line and off-line and monitor feedback and popularity. The high value VR2020™ platform and marketing tool not only pays for itself but allows up to a staggering 500%. VR2020 is headquartered in Gibraltar with offices in England and Canada.

Flick Software is a leading provider of software products and services for the mobile and wireless communication industry. Flick’s Mobile Interactive Guide, first introduced in 2004, delivers differentiated and high value service options to museum visitors, and incremental revenue generating capabilities for museum administrators. Flick Software is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

For further information contact:
Salvatore Cardu,
tel: +44 (0)1730 260744


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