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Free Software Update – for all Licensees Experience

15-February-2010 –London, England

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated version of VR2020’s virtual tour software. In this latest release, VR2020™ has implemented a …
i) WYSIWYG Text & HTML Editor
ii) Reversed the order of Blog Comments
iii) Pop-Up Message / Voucher to drive your visitors to action.

WYSIWYG Text and HTML Editor
Our new HTML editor offers the convenience and added functionality that lets you manipulate your descriptive text and include ‘anchor’ links (clickable text within a hyperlink), email links and displays shows you how the text will look in a web browser.

Reverse Order for Blog Forum
Thanks to your suggestions we’ve reversed the presentation of the Blog comments. Instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the page for the most recent comments – the most recent comments are now displayed at the top while the oldest are displayed at the bottom - making it easier for viewers to follow a conversation.

Pop-up Message / Voucher
With over 80% of people making their offline purchasing decisions on-line we have had a number of requests to come up with a solution of getting a message or coupon/voucher to be displayed with your Hotspot to help drive your visitors to action. VR2020’s virtual tour software now includes a Pop-up message or voucher. The Pop-up includes a section for your header, text, picture and web link. The Pop-up message/voucher is activated by the user when they select a Hotspot and will help encourage visitors to further explore your offer.

We will soon be releasing a new updated design that will provide further intuitive usability, functionality and benefits for you and your visitors.

If you have any suggestions for new features please write to


VR2020™ is the leading provider of Virtual Tour software enabling anyone to manage, create and update in real-time their own VR Tours without the need of programming or coding skills. With over 40 different built in features that enable the client to convert and deliver files and data both on-line and off-line and monitor feedback and popularity. The high value VR2020™ platform and marketing tool not only pays for itself but allows up to a staggering 500%. VR2020 is headquartered in Gibraltar with offices in England and Canada.

Flick Software is a leading provider of software products and services for the mobile and wireless communication industry. Flick’s Mobile Interactive Guide, first introduced in 2004, delivers differentiated and high value service options to museum visitors, and incremental revenue generating capabilities for museum administrators. Flick Software is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

For further information contact:
Salvatore Cardu,
tel: +44 (0)1730 260744


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