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traction in all industries. Howard Rheingold states in his book The Virtual Community; "VR is used today in architecture, engineering and design, tomorrow in mass-market entertainment, surrogate travel and virtual surgery, by the next century VR will have transformed our lives."

Traditional media cannot provide Event and Meeting Planners with an effective interactive experience. In contrast, VR technologies offer a range of interactive modes, including 360º degree interactive panoramic image and videos, text and communications capabilities. In this way, planners have the power to select what they want to view, in other words, what is relevant to them.

VR2020™ goes even further providing a variety of methods to focus or re-direct users to relevant information. For example, visitors will be able to access a registration page directly from VR2020. You can provide prospects access to your sales people via e-mail, Skype™, and MSN™ providing “one stop shopping” with access to all information and services through VR2020. You give your prospects the ability to communicate directly with your staff as needed. They make the choice.
VR technology brings significant benefits to the conference/meeting place. In fact, VR technology will displace the traditional promotion and selling of conference facilities and services.

Marketing Your Conference Facilities and Capabilities
VR2020™ is a focused and effective marketing tool but it’s much more than that. VR2020™ can also be a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It becomes your portal to your prospects and customers and allows them to be in control.
VR2020’s virtual reality marketing solution incorporates multimedia capabilities focused on allowing you to elevate the profile of your conference facilities above the noise, in a very competitive environment.
You can provide your target market with the ability to tour your facility in a virtual mode. You can add panoramic, still pictures, video and associated audio and print files allowing you to enhance the user experience and create a positive impression.
VR2020™ combines the elements of both and push and pull marketing strategy. The ability to input meta tags to elevate your web profile exposes your center to a significantly larger audience. The look, feel and interactive nature of VR2020™ pulls your prospects deeper into the information that is of relevance to them.


The purpose of this document is to highlight and document the benefits of implementing virtual reality tour software from VR2020™ in a Conference Center/Meeting Facility to support your marketing and CRM initiatives.

Many hotels have, as an integral part of their facility, the ability to host conferences of various sizes. Some Cities have dedicated conference facilities. Some Cities market themselves as prime destinations for conferences e.g., (Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego).

Regardless of the model each property markets and focuses on Event Planners and Coordinators. The purpose of this document is;

1. To demonstrate how VR2020™ will elevate the profile for your location and facilities providing a distinct competitive advantage.
2. To understand how you can provide enhanced services and capabilities for conference planners and attendees using VR2020™ as a conference specific portal.
3. To demonstrate how VR2020™ can help you achieve a “greener” conference.

Prologue to Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) utilizes the power of the computer to present a user with the illusion of being in a three-dimensional world with the ability to navigate that world quickly and easily through an intuitive user interface. It is the corner stone of simulation that is, presenting the users a real world perspective in a virtual mode.

Marketing media has evolved from the display approach of traditional 2-D print media, such as text and pictures, to the 3D virtual reality (VR). With today’s technological advancements and the increased use of and comfort with the Internet, many organizations in orporate VR technologies to present their products and enhance the user experience.

The concept of a “consumer orientation” is getting more


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VR2020, with its email links, web links, Skype and MSN capability allow the planner direct and immediate access to the Conference/Sales Center. Additionally, links to suppliers (printing, local establishments, attractions and events, AV equipment etc) streamlines the selection process and can provide one stop shopping to your prospects.

Event Planners can virtually walk right into the main plenary or break our rooms. They can see what different seating arrangements would look like and check out sight lines as well as layout for exhibitors.

You can highlight attractions, accommodation, restaurants etc from VR2020 creating a revenue source and profit center.
All of the above can be accomplished without the need to outsource or use internal IT resources. VR2020 is an easy to use format that allows the business users and sales and marketing to implement changes as required to support your initiatives and value proposition.

You control what is on your site, and you can change it, as needed, in real time. We have developed an easy to use format that allows the business users and marketing to implement changes to support your business initiatives.

VR 2020 provides the ability to highlight and connect directly to sponsors and exhibitors if you wish. VR2020 will help you attract sponsorship by virtue of its powerful marketing capabilities. VR2020 provides a dynamic template upon which Conference Centers can highlight in a mutli- media integrated environment, their facilities, their partners, local attraction etc.
Your conference information can be shared off-line. For example, CD’s promoting the conference can replace the traditional brochure ware to support your marketing initiatives.

Enhanced Services - VR2020™ as a Conference Portal


It can even be used post conference to provide access to presentation, pre-market future conferences and solicit feedback from attendees.
Event Planners need to sell their conference to several distinct audiences including sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and prospective attendees.

Many conferences offset costs or increase exposure for their conference through sponsorships. Event Planners need to attract corporate sponsors for each level of sponsorship. Some conferences also include vendor exhibits. These can all generate revenue or offset costs for Event Planners. VR2020 is an ideal tool to market the conference for sponsors and exhibitors. They, in turn, can manage their own information on the conference portal.

Licenses can be re-used for future conferences. This protects your investment allowing you to reuse tour licenses and hot spots.

“Green” Conferences
The concept of running a “green” conference is getting more attention. Using VR2020 as your conference and event portal you eliminate the need for much of the paper that you would find at a typical conference. Everything from presentations, to


exhibitor and sponsor marketing materials and even speaker evaluations can be completed on-line.
VR2020 is working with Flick Software to allow you to push information from VR2020 to a hand held device. You can run surveys. Imagine capturing relevant industry data from your attendees to be published at a later date and sent to paid attendees. You could provide electronic copies of presentation right to the device substantially reducing the need for paper.

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Conference and meeting facilities are always looking for ways to enhance the services provided to prospects and clients as a “value added service”. Traditionally, those services have been limited. With VR2020 you can actually provide services that your customers view as important. This will help you close business and build long term relationships.

The flexibility of the VR2020 solution and its ease of use provide you with the unique ability to offer enhanced services to Event Planners. Conference facilities are always attempting to enhance the services they can provide to support conferences.

Now with VR2020 you have an excellent vehicle upon which to build relationships that will increase demand for your facilities. For example, you could provide each conference, held at your facility, with a conference specific virtual tour. To the best of our knowledge VR2020 is the only provider who can deliver on that promise.