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Selecting a Country In ‘Drop Down’ Menu – (Starting a Tour)
2. Selecting a City In ‘Drop Down’ Menu – (Starting a Tour)
3. Selecting a Category under ‘Directory’ Tab- (Starting a Tour)
4. Selecting Hotspots in ‘Hotspots’ Tab or Interactive map - (Starting a Tour)
5. Search Engine Feature
6. Interactive Map
7. Map Navigator
8. Navigating Through a Picture/Image Hotspot in Depth
9. Navigating the Map
10. Navigating the Panoramic Image(s) or Still Image Slideshow
11. Zoom in on Picture or Map
12. Image/Hotspot Information
13. Print document(s) related to ‘Active’ Hotspots
14. Visit URL of ‘Active’ Hotspot
15. Direct E-mail Connection to ‘Active’ Business ‘Hotspot’
16. Audio Narration of ‘Active’ Hotspot
17. Streaming Video & Audio
18. Custom Tours
Selecting a Country In ‘Drop Down’ Menu – (Starting a Tour)

Choose a Country you wish to visit by selecting a country in the ‘Select Country’ drop down list. Next choose a 'City’ you wish to view (Cities can only be seen once the ‘Country’ has been selected) in the 'Select City' drop down list

Selecting a City In ‘Drop Down’ Menu – (Starting a Tour)

Select a City you wish to view - ensure you have followed Step 1. You can now explore your chosen City by ‘Clicking’ on a directory (category) name listed under the ‘Directory’ tab

Selecting a Category under ‘Directory’ Tab- (Starting a Tour)

Clicking on a Directory name activates the associated ‘Hotspots’ within the interactive map. Your selected 'Directory' name is displayed undr the 'Directory' tab with its associated active Hotspots ready for you to select.
Note: To select another category/directory name click on the ‘Directory’ tab.

Choose a Hotspot under ‘Hotspots’ Tab - (Starting a Tour)

Note: To see a pulsing ‘Hotspot’ you must first select a Category under the ‘Directory’ tab
There are two ways to activate a Hotspot:

A) Selecting a 'Hotspot' name under 'Hotspots’ tab causes the following;

1. The ‘Hotspot’ location on the map becomes activated by displaying the Hotspots (HS) in red and centering the HS in the middle of the map pointing out its location and to orient you within the map.
2. The related panoramic image, still picture(s), QTVR or video loads
3. Detailed Text Information related to the selected image Hotspot in the frame titled 'Image Information' loads.
4. The associated promotional banner loads up
5. The active Hotspot’s Web link(s) becomes active in the ‘Web link’ icon – press to link.
6. A direct e-mail link to the active Hotspot is activated – press to send email.
7. The Audio Narration file is loaded - select ‘Play’ icon to activate.
8. Each active ‘Hotspot’ may contain a printable file in the drop down ‘Print’ menu as well as a 'Print Frienfly' page of the HS with its details.
9. Skype and MSN links may also be active - click on th elinks to see if they are active.

Search Engine Feature

Note: Before using the ‘Search’ engine please select a) Country the b) City
The built in ‘Search engine feature searches through all ‘Hotspot’ names and all Text in Image/Hotspot Information for a match:
Type your key word i.e., business name, product, service etc, and press the ‘Search’ button. Any ‘Hotspots’ containing a word matching your search is then listed under the ‘Hotspot’ tab.

Interactive Map

The interactive map will show you exactly where you are viewing eg. the street, area or room you are currently in.

A Google map, aerial photograph or schematic drawing or floor plan may be used as a navigational aid. You can follow a property, venue or city and get a quick idea of the layout and space of the property. It helps visualise how each area, street, building or room joins up in relation to the scale of the area or property.
The ‘Map Navigator’ - (below) – works in conjunction with this ‘Interactive Map’

Map Navigator

The Map Navigator contains a miniature version of the ‘Interactive’ Map and highlights the area of the map, which you are viewing. The ‘light blue box’ within the ‘Map Navigator’ moves as you move the ‘Interactive Map’ (Note: does not work on Google maps) . Likewise you can move the ‘light blue box’ with your cursor/mouse to move the map.

Navigating Through a Picture/Image Hotspot in Depth
Note: When your cursor/mouse hovers over a ‘Hotspot’ the name of the ‘Hotspot’ appears revealing the name before it’s selected
You can explore from one image to another i.e., connecting rooms, doorways, streets etc, by clicking on the blue HS 'porthole’ Hotspot that can appear in. There are no restrictions to the amount of levels you can explore as long as there is a blue HS 'porthole’ to click on.
Navigating the Map

Navigate the map using any of the following:
a) Using your cursorMap.
c) Simply place your cursor within the “Map Navigator’ dragging the Light Blue Box. (Note: does not work on Google maps)

Navigating the Panoramic Image(s) or Still Image Slide Show
Panoramic Images: Simply 'click' on the arrows or place your mouse/cursor somewhere in the centre of the image, then left click and drag in the direction you wish to move.
Still Image(s) Slide Show: Using the arrows click to the left or right tp view the next picture. Alternatively sit back and view the slide show as it rotates the pictures in time.
Zoom in on Picture or Map

Zooming in on Picture
Zoom in on ' Picture’ to view more detail. Press the zoom icon to see if there is a High Res picture to view.

Image/Hotspot Information

Provides detailed text information associated to the active image Hotspot.

Print Document(s) related to ‘Active’ Hotspots

Loads up the related printable document. File name is displayed when the drop down ‘Print’ menu is selected. Files can be anything from brochures, maps, discount vouchers, rates etc. Note: Files are in PDF format.

Visit URL of ‘Active’ Hotspot

Direct link(s) to the active ‘Hotspots’ website or a specified URL address is activated when you click on the ‘Web link’ button. A new window is opened by your browser with the associated URL address.

Direct E- mail Connection to ‘Active’ Business ‘Hotspot’

A direct e-mail connection to the active Hotspot is activated through ‘Email link’ icon – press to send email.

Audio Narration of ‘Active’ Hotspot

Each VR2020™ Hotspot may contain an audio file. Once the ‘Play’ icon is pressed the visitor can hear a pre-recorded narration informing the user about the facilities, product, services etc.

Streaming Video & Audio

A Hotspot on a VR2020 Tour is more than just an interactive still panoramic image; it can also be a video. So when a video ‘Hotspot’ is selected a video runs automatically.

Custom Tours

Custom Tours are tours that may be of interest and can be more specific to individual interest. They may also be hosted on other servers and are tailor made for specific requirements – worth a look!

Services Menu
The Services Menu provides further information on the VR2020 application i.e, How to Join the VR2020, Legal Notices and Contact Information.