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Announcing Our Expanding Alliance of Panoramic Photographers

We are pleased to announce our alliance with the photographers listed below. The list of approved panoramic photographers assures all VR2020™ members of quality virtual photography.

We will continue to keep growing our list of approved photographers as they are vetted. Our objective is to help supply all VR2020™ members direct contact with their nearest professional panoramic photographer wherever you are in the world.

If you are a photographer and would like to have the opportunity to offer your services to our clients please send an email to click here with sample link(s) to your work or attach copies of your sample photography to your email.

Malta )
Paul Mizzi, (ARPS, LBIPP, AMPA), The FotoGrafer, Fgura
We are proud to recommend Paul Mizzi one of the leading photographers in Malta and proprietor of The FotoGrafer studio in Fgura. Paul heads the studio, which opened its doors in 1988 and employs 15 staff that deliver a variety of c
ommercial, advertising and traditional photography. Paul is a perfectionist as you can see by the quality of his work. Although you can also capture this magnificent scenery with any good digital camera, with the skills of our professional photographers like Paul, we are sure that everything that is captured is of excellent quality and will surely meet your high standards. You can see more of Paulís exceptional works by clicking the image on the right. We are certain that you will find those images really amazing! Read More

View Paul's Samples


Italy, (South)
Mauro Contrafatto,, Sicily
We are proud to recommend Mauro Contrafatto a leading panoramic photographer in Southern Italy and also distributor of panoramic photography equipment. His years of experinece and unrivalled knowledge of panoramic photography make Mauro a true talent in his craft. To view some of Mauro's. work just click on sample panoramas to the right. Read more

View Mauro's Samples

Italy, (North)
Matteo Crosera, VRImago, Venice
We are proud to recommend Matteo Crosera an exceptional panoramic photographer in Northern Italy. Matteo is a true slave to his craft and can achieve astounding results. He is a talenetd artist that brings many fresh ideas to his craft and with his knowledge of photography and experience with leading software programs he is able to provide some amazing panoramic photography. See and read more about Matteos Panoramic Photography

View Matteo's Samples

Gibraltar & Spain
Anselmo Torres , FotoGrafiks Design, Gibraltar
We are proud to recommend Anselmo Torres a leading panoramic photographer in Gibraltar and Southern Spain. Anselmo has spent many years expereince both as a photographer and on digital design. He is well placed to look after all the details of a photoshoot from start to completion and is able to offer knowlegeble advice for your photo shoot.
To view some of Anselmo's work just click on sample panoramas to the right. Read more

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