VR2020™Model for Chambers of Commerce



VR technology brings significant benefits to the conference/meeting place as well. In fact, VR technology will displace the traditional promotion and selling of conference facilities and services. For more information about conference facility or conference portal detail, please refer to VR2020 in a Conference Facility White Paper.

The primary focus of a VR2020™ is to highlight and promote the Chamber of Commerce and the secondary benefit allows the Chambers involved to promote and highlight the businesses of each their Members… catering and promoting each Member’s specific businesses by providing a tour option for them as well.

VR2020™ facilitates this approach “Hotspots”… which can be managed by both the Chamber and / or Members but ultimately controlled and turned on or off instantly by the Chamber as require. This allows Members the ability to have VR capability as an enhanced service for each of them through the Chamber and, it provides the Chamber the resources to use VR2020™ as a competitive advantage and a closing tool when attempting to attract new members. Tours can be built, maintained and changed for each participating Member by either the Chamber’s marketing staff or each Member’s marketing staff, eliminating the need to utilize limited and expensive IT resources. VR2020™ allows the individual business users to control their own domain and make changes and updates that reflect the sales needs of their business and special events. VR2020™ is an easy tool to use for both visitors as well as marketing staff who build and manage the tours. With an on screen intuitive ‘ToolTip’ help facility activated by interactive ‘ToolTips’. Help files are automatically revealed as a rollover to provide the information required without the need for manuals or opening a separate

VR2020 ROI Model for Chambers
VR2020™ first and foremost is a Virtual Reality Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As well, VR2020™ can be an extremely effective Conference Portal… and it has the ability to generate a great deal of income for participating Chambers of Commerce thru the rental of “Hotspots” for its Members.

Hotspots can be used two ways: They can provide an affordable “costed” marketing tool option for Chamber Members and/or they can be a competitive advantage tool for the Chamber. In the first case, this would result in revenue generation for the Host (Chamber) and it would allow its Members the opportunity to become showcased and highly visible from the use of a VR2020™ virtual tour - which in turn becomes the “Ultimate Marketing Tool” for Member businesses.


What Is Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) utilizes the power of the computer to present a user with the illusion of being in a three-dimensional world with the ability to navigate that world quickly and easily through an intuitive user interface. It is the corner stone of simulation that is, presenting the users a real world perspective in a virtual mode.

Marketing media has evolved from the display approach of traditional 2-D print media, such as text and pictures, to the 3D virtual reality (VR). With today’s technological advancements and the increased use of and comfort with the Internet, many organizations incorporate VR technologies to present their products and enhance the user experience.

The VR2020™ virtual tour software is an opportunity that can provide a Chamber of Commerce with arguably one of the most powerful marketing and sales tool available today.  The interactive nature of VR2020™ provides a truly interactive, all encompassing experience for visitors to the site (s) and visitors to your facilities.

The concept of “consumer orientation” is getting more traction in all industries. Howard Rheingold states in his book The Virtual Community; "VR is used today in architecture, engineering and design, tomorrow in mass-market entertainment, surrogate travel and virtual surgery, by the next century VR will have transformed our lives."

VR technologies offer a range of interactive modes, including 360º degree interactive panoramic image and videos, text and communications capabilities.VR2020™ goes even further providing a variety of methods to focus or re-direct users to relevant information. 

VR2020™ is a powerful revenue generating tool.   Hotspots allow all visitors to a Chamber site, the ability to view all the participating Member’s businesses, premises, products and services and much more

In addition, the dual ability that allows Hotspots to be updated and micro-managed by Chambers and Members is very attractive…it reduces reliance on Chamber personnel while providing Members with the control they need to be able to respond to their opportunities and markets in real time.



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In the second example, once in place, having VR2020™ installed provides participating Chambers the opportunity to draw on and sustain additional memberships using VR2020™ as a “closing” business membership tool… allowing the Chamber to provide a great service for existing Members as well as having an attraction tool for new, incoming potential Members. The VR2020™ “virtual tour” tool platform can provide Chambers and their Members with a very unique competitive business advantage.

The financial opportunity provided for the Chambers to provide “virtual tour” services for its Members is considerable. VR2020™ can add tremendous value to the Chamber’s ability to enhance the business potential for each of it’s Members…it really is the “Ultimate Marketing Tool”- allowing visitors to walk in and walk through potentially every Member’s business and service offerings and incorporates the use of audio, video, text, pictures, brochures, business information and connections and links that elegantly address every conceivable opportunity to sell and succeed.

With VR2020™, you can provide a custom virtual tour for each and every one of your Members…a virtual tour that draws tremendous business interest for them and a service that can be provided at an extremely affordable price. It can be used to greatly enhance their websites or it can be used as an alternative for a website if they didn’t have one…
And this can be accomplished… all for less than a dollar a day (their cost).



The VR2020™ virtual service offering has incredible potential for greatly enhancing each Chamber Member’s business footprint. As well, in the process, VR2020™ allows each Chamber to become significantly more profitable, which opens doors to allow additional staff hiring and/or expanded business services. With VR2020™, Chambers truly become one of the best business partners their Members can work with to help them prosper and succeed…a goal nearly all Chambers tout as their Prime Directive and part of their Mission/Vision statements (to promote and advance the growth of business and build a vibrant and prosperous business community).

In conclusion, the VR2020™ business model for Chambers is a Win-Win solution. Chamber Members increase their business opportunities and thrive while the Chamber, in offering this service, greatly expands its influence. Instead of dealing with reduced memberships during recessionary times, VR2020™ is the tool that will increase the “value’ of the Chamber and allow participating Chambers to keep and expand their memberships…all because of the enhanced business development tools and capabilities provided within the VR2020™Virtual Tour software.

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