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News Release: Free Virtual Tour Software Update for All VR2020.com Licensees

February 15th, 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated version of VR2020’s virtual tour software. In this latest release, VR2020™ has implemented a …
i) WYSIWYG Text & HTML Editor
ii) Reversed the order of Blog Comments
iii) Pop-Up Message / Voucher to drive your visitors to action.

WYSIWYG Text and HTML Editor
Our new HTML editor offers the convenience and added functionality that lets you manipulate your descriptive text and include ‘anchor’ links (clickable text within a hyperlink), email links and displays shows you how the text will look in a web browser.

Reverse Order for Blog Forum
Thanks to your suggestions we’ve reversed the presentation of the Blog comments. Instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the page for the most recent comments – the most recent comments are now displayed at the top while the oldest are displayed at the bottom - making it easier for viewers to follow a conversation.

Pop-up Message / Voucher
With over 80% of people making their offline purchasing decisions on-line we have had a number of requests to come up with a solution of getting a message or coupon/voucher to be displayed with your Hotspot to help drive your visitors to action. VR2020’s virtual tour software now includes a Pop-up message or voucher. The Pop-up includes a section for your header, text, picture and web link. The Pop-up message/voucher is activated by the user when they select a Hotspot and will help encourage visitors to further explore your offer.

We will soon be releasing a new updated design that will provide further intuitive usability, functionality and benefits for you and your visitors.

If you have any suggestions for new features please write to info@vr2020.com

Virtual Tour of Attractions Around Guildford

January 10th, 2010

When in Guildford Town Centre, you can visit the Tourist Information Centre in Tunsgate, to get information on a wide range of attractions to visit in the area.  Now from the web you can take a virtual tour of local attractions in Guildford and Surrey.  Simply visit the Virtual Tour of Guildford and locate the Tourist Information Centre hotspot then click on the ‘Around Guildford’ link or click  this Around Guildford link.  You will find a map of Guildford and the surrounding area with all the attractions marked as hotspots.  Simply click on each attraction to find out details and take a virtual tour.

There are attractions suitable for all the family from Loseley Park House and Gardens, Painshill Park, Guildford Boat House, Guildford Museum, Guildford House Gallery and the Guildford Castle Keep.  The tour includes web links to the individual attractions with information on opening times and specific events.

Enjoy your virtual tour of Guildford.

Virtual Tour of Banff

December 30th, 2009

Hello everyone! Over the holidays I decided to put up a new virtual tour of Banff. I was out there in May with my Canon 40d camera along with my wide angle lens and took a number of panoramic photographs throughout the town of Banff. In addition to the photos taken of the Mains ‘Banff Ave’ I also had the opportunity to visit and take some photos of some attractions, museums etc. I hope you all enjoy it. Your comments are welcome.

Guildford Virtual Tour

November 29th, 2009

Hi all,

Guildford Town Centre has been using our software now for about 6 months and I thought you guys may want to take a look and let us know your comments. It is mainly a shopping, eating, drinking and leisure virtual tour to the town centre. I’m sure they would like to hear your views as well so do let us know. Just click on this link Guildford Virtual Tour


Virtual Fishing Picture

March 29th, 2009

After a long, cold winter and all those dull gray days we finally had some spring weather which I was able to take advantage of and chill out with some fishing. I was able to take some pictures with my camera and when I got back home I stitched them together. My result fishing pano was created using the stitching software provided for free on this site. Feel free to share any hints on taking photos or stitching images or provide any comments with us.
Till next time.

Photo Stitching Software – The Gift for All Readers

January 14th, 2009

Hi, I want to dedicate my first post of 2009 to Panoramic Photography software or as it is more commonly called Photo Stitching software. Now as it’s a New Year and I’m still in the spirit of giving I wanted to give all you readers out there a gift. So I hope this will inspire all you budding photographers or photography enthusiasts and hobbyists to create your very own 180° or 360° degree panoramas.

I know a lot of you have asked that question, “how can I create a panorama” or “what software do I need to make a panoramic photograph” and, the more you dig in to find the answers the more you find yourself with more questions like, “how can I create a 360 x 360 cylindrical panorama” etc.

So, by now you have probably guessed that your gift is ….. drum roll please ….. yes, a free and complete Panorama Photo Stitching software program. Yes, it’s absolutely free, no catches, obligations or anything else. Oh, and no it’s not some beta version, low end stitching software that only works on one platform. No this is a professional, full working cross-platform photo stitcher that works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can view Sample QuickTime generated panoramic here or look at Photo Stitching screen shots.

This software has been developed by numerous photographers and will turn any novice into a professional panorama creator. Just click Panorama Photo Stitcher and download your copy today.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on with your results.



December 16th, 2008

VR2020™ is a powerful, intuitive, simple and dynamic Virtual Tour Software application with built-in CMS (Custom Management System). Requiring NO coding, programming or HTML skills to create, manage and publish your Virtual Tour. Its intuitive and simple interface makes it as easy to use as sending an email with an attachment. In addition VR2020™ includes verified Revenue Generating tools allowing up to 500% ROI. View the short Virtual Tour presentation to find out more.