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Interactive & Dynamic Hotspot Features
What is a Hotspot
A Hotspot can be described as an interactive, dynamic virtual pin on a map, which contains the ability to display an interactive panoramic picture, still image slide-show or video clip along with associated text, audio voice-over, print file(s), email, web links, publicity banner and more.

Each individual Hotspot can be sublicensed to a third party.
The points inRED’ can be directly managed by the third party sub-licensee





Choice of Interactive image:
a. Choice of still Pictures (up to 8)
b. Panoramic picture
c. Video Clip
Print file e.g., brochure, flyer, menu, vouchers etc.
Audio voice over narration, music etc.
Location Pin-pointed on Interactive Map or Plan
a. Choice of Google™ Maps
b. Upload User Map
c. Create Map with PlanCreator™
Optional Skype Link
Optional MSN Link

Direct E-mail Link
8. Direct Web Link(s)
9. Publish to 100’s of websites or to CD’s etc.
10. Manage, Modify, Update all elements of Hotspot
11. Advertising Banner with hyperlink
12. Include associated text description


• Choice of Category listing(s)
• Optional Language(s)
• Meta tag words for search engines
• Choice of search word for integral search engine
• Secure login to manage, update & publish your Hotspot
• Optional ‘Zoom’ picture for HD full screen image
• PLUS Optional: Blog, Star-rating and Unique Visitor Hits

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