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What is a Virtual Reality Tour
Also known as VR, is an artificial three-dimensional visual and auditory environment created by a computer. A VR experience replaces what a person normally sees and hears with computer-generated images and audio, making the user feel as if he or she has entered another place.

The VR2020™ platform boasts the most user-friendly, media-rich, Virtual Reality Tour platform combining Panoramic and Still images, Video, Audio, Print, Blog, Web Links and more for personal branded VR Tours

Owned by City Tours (International) Ltd. the VR2020™ TourBuilder is proprietary software that is developed and wholly owned by VR2020™.

Never before has a virtual tour program had such powerful functions while offering simple to use one click steps. The application boasts the unique features of interactive map with Mini-Map navigator, personalized viewer skin colour, tailored branding, and Intelligent Hotspots. is the application you need on your website to promote and inform your existing and potential customers. Open the Gateway to your city, theatre, shopping mall, business, home, or any other place you would like a potential client to visit.

Hotspots (HS) with category specific activation – your control.
By automating & reducing the complexity of building an interactive and flexible VR tour the Tourbuilder removes much of the manual process and high technical skills required to design and build a VR presentation.

All HS can have a related print file, an audio file, a web link, a information/publicity banner with separate hyperlink and a direct email link, additionally all HS’s can be linked to other HS’s. Creating a professional, rich, and vivid immersive virtual tour with built-in search engine for the user to quickly and easily find what they are searching for. To request more info on VR202. click here..

This Tour engine is a very powerful and dynamic tool that uses cutting edge technology to show your product to potential clients around the world. Whether it's an entire city, resort, or hotel, university campus, theatre or even a home.

With the VR Software your website becomes an incredibly useful and dynamic sales tool. Open the ‘virtual’ door to your business to anyone who wants to visit you from anywhere in the world. A tour goes way beyond panoramic photography... it's almost like being there!